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The Ultimate Wine List to Pair with Your Lobster Dinner

The Ultimate Wine List to Pair with Your Lobster Dinner

The Ultimate Wine List to Pair with Your Lobster Dinner

With its light, mild and somewhat sweet flavor, lobster is well known for its ability to be paired with a number of delicious appetizers and side dishes

But what beverages go well with lobster? More specifically, what wines pair best?

White wine vs. Red wine

As you know, the right wine can bring out even more intense flavors in your meal. As a lighter protein, white wines are ideal for lobster pairings. 

Red wines will tend to overshadow the subtle tastes of the crustacean. That said, if you’re a red wine lover, certain lighter red wines may still pair well with lobster dishes.

Wine flavors with lobster

Think of how delicious a fresh squeeze of lemon is on seafood. Your lobster is no different, so pairing wine with great acidity does the same thing. 

Since the saltiness in lobster tends to pull out the bitterness in red wine, while the tannins in reds bring out the iodine flavors in lobster, the overall flavors don’t usually pair well.

Consider the cooking

The way your lobster is cooked will also affect which wine pairing you choose. For instance, a simple boil or steam will call for a simple, less complex wine pairing. Think light, like a Sauvignon Blanc. Meanwhile, grilled, baked, or lobster combined with rich sauces or soups will often pair better with richer and more flavorful blends like a Chardonnay.

Wines to avoid with lobster

Before we get into the wines best for pairing with your lobster dinner, let’s go over some to avoid:

  • Big, tannic red wines 
  • Brut Champagnes that are too dry
  • Rich or (too) oaky Chardonnays

While this list may not be exhaustive, always defer to your own unique palette with wine pairings you enjoy.

Ultimate Wine List for your Lobster Dinner

If you’re looking for the right wines to pair with your upcoming lobster dinner, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what to look for.

  • Chardonnay: A light- to medium-bodied Chardonnay can pair well with any lobster dish, even a rich lobster bisque.
  • Dry Riesling: While sweet Rieslings may cause too much sweet-on-sweet flavor with lobster, a dry Riesling gives you both acidic and citrus notes that go beautifully with your sweet lobster.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: Another great white with plenty of acidity, citrus, and crisp flavors will go well with boiled or steamed lobster.
  • Pinot Grigio: A classic for any type of seafood, this white wine will pair well with your lobster, too. Slightly less flavorful than Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigios include plenty of citrus, pairing perfectly with lobster.
  • Rosé: A subtle Rosé can balance the delicacy of lobster without overpowering it. It will be a unique and unexpected choice for your dinner guests.

Pairing your lobster with wine doesn’t need to be challenging. Refer back to our ultimate guide the next time you serve lobster to pair the right wine for a dinner party or even a simple family dinner.

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