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Victory for Maine’s Lobster Industry: Court Orders Re-evaluation of Endangered Whale Protection

Victory for Maine’s Lobster Industry: Court Orders Re-evaluation of Endangered Whale Protection

In a significant win for Maine’s lobster industry, a federal appeals court has decreed that the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) must reconsider its recent protective measures for the imperiled North Atlantic Right Whales. 

This verdict, issued by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, follows a lawsuit filed by the Maine Lobstermen’s Association and other relevant stakeholders. This ruling underscores the court’s agreement with the plaintiffs’ argument that the NMFS based its regulatory decisions on flawed assumptions and worst-case scenarios concerning the industry’s impact on the whale population.


The North Atlantic Right Whale ranks among the world’s most endangered whale species, with only roughly 360 individuals remaining. Various factors, including collisions with vessels and entanglements in fishing gear, have contributed to their population’s decline. 

To address this concern, the NMFS put forth regulations designed to minimize the risk posed to these whales by the lobster and Jonah crab fisheries.

Court’s Verdict

The court’s ruling validates the concerns raised by the plaintiffs regarding the scientific foundation of these regulations. The Maine Lobstermen’s Association, in collaboration with the Maine Department of Marine Resources, the Maine Lobstering Union, and the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association, argued that the NMFS distorted the science underlying the regulation. 

The court concurred, affirming that the agency inappropriately relied on assumptions and worst-case scenarios, rather than sound scientific evidence to gauge the industry’s risk. The ruling permits the current regulations to remain in effect while the NMFS crafts a new set of rules. 

It’s essential to also note that this decision doesn’t impact recent Congressional action to postpone further rulemaking until 2028.

Implications and Next Steps

The court’s decision holds substantial implications for Maine’s lobster industry. As the existing regulation remains in effect, the industry can expect further revisions that provide a more accurate evaluation of its impact on right whales.

The court also overturned the Biological Opinion conducted by the NMFS, which evaluated the risk posed by the lobster and Jonah crab fisheries to the right whales. This necessitates to construct a new Biological Opinion, factoring in the court’s decision and ensuring a more robust scientific approach.

The federal appeals court ruling in favor of Maine’s lobster industry represents a momentous achievement for the sector. It underscores the imperative of a fair assessment of the industry’s impact on endangered North Atlantic Right Whales, emphasizing the necessity of sound scientific evidence in policy making. 

Moving forward, the NMFS faces the task of re-evaluating the regulations and formulating new rules that strike a balance between safeguarding the endangered species and supporting a vital economic sector in the state of Maine.

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