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What’s Happening to the Maine Lobster Industry?

What’s Happening to the Maine Lobster Industry?

Maine lobster is a culinary delicacy enjoyed by seafood lovers worldwide. But recent reports suggest that the industry is in trouble with COVID regulations and lawsuits.  

So what’s happening to the Maine lobster industry? What does this mean for the future of the Maine lobster fishing industry? Keep reading to find out.

Effects of COVID on Lobstering

As we’ve all seen, there isn’t an industry that the worldwide pandemic hasn’t affected. For the lobster industry, coronavirus pains were felt through the inability to obtain parts and tools for lobstermen and women to do their jobs. 

Companies that make the ropes, nets, links, and traps could not produce the amount they usually were expected to due to the regulations of COVID. Thankfully with mandates starting to lift, the industry is hopeful they will see an increase in parts and supplies. 

In addition to the inability to obtain the correct parts and tools, there were the shipping complications. A lot of lobstermen ship worldwide and distribute to China. This combined with the need for styrofoam shipping containers created a huge demand during the past two years. 

As with many other industries, huge setbacks were felt, but lobstering is starting to feel optimistic with everything starting to relax and the world being able to breathe a little at a time. 

The North Atlantic Right Whale Debacle

Now the Maine Lobstermen’s Association is feeling the pressure of the NOAA, demanding that Maine lobstermen reduce the risk to right whales by 98% by 2030. The fact of the matter is there’s no science proving that lobstermen are the ones to blame for the decline in the number of right whales. 

In a press release, Gov. Janet Mills said, “There’s never been known right whale mortality associated with the Maine lobster fishery, and there have been zero known right whale entanglements associated with Maine lobster gear in almost two decades. Despite these facts and regardless of our lobster industry’s proven commitment to conservation, the National Marine Fisheries Service has pushed forward with regulations that will be devastating to our lobster industry and to our way of life.” 

Will an endangered species petition take down an entire industry providing for families for decades? We hold our breath as all eyes are on the Maine Lobstermen Association in the battle to keep this historical sector afloat.

Here at Pine Tree, we’re doing our part by maintaining an upbeat attitude and supporting our local fisherman right out in our Scarborough backyard. 
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