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The Ultimate Guide for Frozen Lobster Tails

The Ultimate Guide for Frozen Lobster Tails

Many seafood lovers are hesitant to cook lobster tails because they think it’ll be too difficult. 

Quite the contrary; lobster tails are easy to cook, making a great dinner for any occasion. One of the best things about lobster tails is that they can be easily frozen and thawed when needed. 

In this guide, we’ll show you the best way to prepare frozen lobster tails.

How to Cook Frozen Lobster Tails?

One of the best things about frozen lobster tails is that they are straightforward to cook. You can use various methods to cook your lobster tails, but we recommend boiling or steaming them. 

Here are instructions for both methods: 

  • If you’re boiling your lobster tails, start by bringing a large pot of water to a boil. Then, add your frozen lobster tails to the pot and let them cook for 10-12 minutes. 
  • If you’re steaming your lobster tails, start filling a large pot with an inch of water. Then, place a steamer basket inside the pot and add your frozen lobster tails to the basket. Cover the pot and let the water come to a boil. Once boiling, let the lobster tails steam for 10-12 minutes.

    Once your lobster tails are cooked, remove them from the pot or steamer basket and let them cool for a few minutes before serving. Serve with melted butter and lemon wedges, and enjoy!

Frozen lobster tails are an excellent option for an easy and delicious seafood dinner. They can be cooked using various methods, but we recommend boiling or steaming them. Follow our instructions above for perfectly cooked frozen lobster tails every time!

Is Frozen Lobster Any Good?

Many people have doubts about the quality of frozen lobster tails, wondering if they are as flavorful and tender as fresh lobster. While there’s no denying that fresh lobster has a superior flavor and texture, frozen lobster does have many benefits that make it a tasty and convenient option. 

For starters, unlike fresh seafood that must be caught in order to be eaten, frozen seafood can be easily purchased at any grocery store or fish market. 

Additionally, freezing seafood helps lock in its nutrients and flavors while making it shelf-stable so it can last longer. 

With these advantages in mind, it is clear that frozen lobster tails are just as good – if not better – than their freshly-caught counterparts. 

Next time you’re craving some delicious lobster, don’t hesitate to try your frozen lobster tails!
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