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The Top 6 Myths vs. Facts About Lobsters

The Top 6 Myths vs. Facts About Lobsters

The Top 6 Myths vs. Facts About Lobsters

Every great food or animal has plenty of myths that travel far and wide.

Consuming enough carrots will actually not give you 20/20 vision. Eating celery does not burn more calories than you take in. Spicy food won’t give you ulcers.

Koalas are not actually bears. Ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand. Bats are not blind.

When you consider lobsters, there’s a lot of mythology out there about them too. For example, you may have heard that lobsters are red or that they’re only found in cold water. 

In this post, we’ll set the record straight on some of the most common lobster myths. While we’re at it, we’ll also share some fun facts about these delicious crustaceans!


MYTH #1: Lobsters are red.

FACT #1: Nope, a live lobster is not red. The most common colors of a live lobster are brown with a tint of green, yellowish-brown, orange, multiple colors, and some even have spots. Lobsters only turn red after they are cooked. 

MYTH #2:  Lobsters are only good to eat in months with an “R.”

FACT #2: Actually, lobsters can be eaten year round. This myth more than likely started when lobsters were shipped with poor refrigeration. Months with “r” such as January and February are the colder months, when there’s typically less need for cooling.

MYTH #3: The best lobster is in the summer.

FACT #3: This myth is because most of the lobsters caught in the summer are soft shells, which are easy to peel. Some even believe the meat is tastier in a soft shell. However, a hard shell lobster is full of meat and not water, so you’ll have to be the judge. 

We’ll tell you this: summertime is lobster time in Maine. It’s more than likely due to the climate and the lobster moving closer to shore, making it easier for lobstermen to catch

MYTH #4: Lobsters scream when boiled.

FACT #4: Hmm, how is this even possible when the crustacean doesn’t have vocal cords? If you hear a squealing noise, it is simply steam escaping from the body cavity. 

MYTH #5: Lobsters are scavengers.

FACT #5: This is partly true; lobsters are hunters and hunt for live food at night. Their diet consists of snails, fish, sometimes other lobsters, mussels, etc. This is why you see the claws banded: because they know how to fight. 

MYTH #6: A lobster claw can cut a finger off.

FACT #6: That would have to be one pretty monstrous lobster, my friend! Their claws aren’t quite strong enough to cut off a finger. However, their claws are incredibly sharp and powerful — enough to cut the skin, so we recommend keeping the band on. 

Well folks, there you have it, six of the most common myths debunked about our friend the lobster. We hope we were able to clear up some of the confusion.

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