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4 Mouthwatering Desserts That Pair Well With Lobster & Other Seafood Dishes

4 Mouthwatering Desserts That Pair Well With Lobster & Other Seafood Dishes

4 Mouthwatering Desserts That Pair Well With Lobster & Other Seafood Dishes

It’s no secret that seafood is a natural pairing for delicious wines, but what about with rich and decadent desserts? 

The sweet, salty, and umami flavors of lobster and other seafood dishes perfectly complement sweet treats like pie, cake, ice cream, and more. 

In this post, we’ll explore some of the best dessert pairings for seafood lovers. Whether you’re looking for a new dish to try at your next dinner party or want some ideas for your next romantic lobster dinner for two, read on for some delicious inspiration!

What dessert pairing goes best with lobster and seafood?

Several desserts pair well with lobster and seafood dishes. Citrus fruit, sorbets, and ice cream all have a clean, acidic nature that complements the lobster nicely. 

Creamy desserts such as panna cotta or crème brûlée are also excellent choices for something a little more decadent. 

And, of course, no seafood meal would be complete without a nice glass of white wine or champagne. So whatever your preference, there are plenty of delicious options when pairing dessert with lobster. 

4 Types of Desserts to Try With Lobster & Other Seafood Dinners

For many, dessert is the best part of any meal. But what dessert pairs well with lobster?

1. Sorbet or Shaved Ice 

While there are many delicious options, one great one is sorbet or shaved ice. The sorbet’s light sweetness complements the lobster meat’s richness, while the shaved ice provides a refreshing contrast to the rich seafood flavor. 

Whether you’re looking for an elegant dessert to serve at a formal dinner party or a casual treat to enjoy at a summer BBQ, these two delicious desserts are sure to please.

2. Chocolate

For a decadent treat, chocolate desserts are also an excellent choice. The chocolate’s richness will complement the lobster meat’s sweetness, and the textures’ contrast will create an unforgettable dining experience. 

Whatever your preference, there is sure to be a chocolate dessert that will perfectly suit your lobster dinner.

3. Fruit 

Fruit is a classic dessert choice to pair with lobster. While some might think that the seafood and sweetness of the fruit would be a clash of flavors, the opposite is true. The natural sweetness of lobster is enhanced when paired with fruit, making for a truly delicious dining experience. 

Fruit tarts are our favorite way to enjoy this dessert. A fruit tray with dip or a fruit salad is also an excellent option. So, next time you plan a lobster dinner, include fruit on the menu…your taste buds will thank you!

4. Creamy desserts

A final type of dessert that pairs well with lobster is a creamy dessert. Creamy treats such as a cream pie, a crème brûlée, a whoopie pie, a strawberry shortcake, or even a banana can add a sweet texture to follow the lobster. 

The dessert’s creaminess will balance the lobster’s sweetness, and the two flavors will complement each other nicely. Whatever type of creamy dessert you choose will surely be a delicious pairing with lobster.

No matter what dessert you choose to pair with your seafood, you won’t go wrong.

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