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Welcome to Pine Tree Seafood & Produce

Pine Tree Seafood and Produce is a family-run neighborhood seafood market that stocks only responsibly harvested and grown products. With Pine Tree, you can trust the source of the food on your table. If you live nearby, you might even know the neighbors who caught your fish or grew your local produce.

We take local very seriously. We stock our market with the best fruits and vegetables from farms only a few miles from Scarborough, and we only sell seafood from nearby waters no more than one day from the boat. With our next day shipping, you no longer have to be in Maine to enjoy that unbeatable quality and flavor. Now you can get the very freshest seafood anywhere in the continental US.

It's our belief that seafood should always be sustainably caught. Maine's waters should remain the abundant resource that previous generations have enjoyed. Fishermen depend on the continued health of our oceans, and farmers on maintaining the richness of the soil. Our local communities are strengthened when we support these resources, and when we invest in our neighbors' livelihoods. For Pine Tree, our partners, and our customers, it's simply a wonderful bonus that Maine's lobster and fresh fish can be enjoyed with equally flavorful local produce.

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